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Wildhorn Spire Snow & Ski Helmet w/Goggles for Kids

Wildhorn Spire Snow & Ski Helmet w/Goggles for Kids

Wildhorn Spire Snow & Ski Helmet w/Goggles for Kids

Winter is here, and it’s time to hit the slopes! If you’re planning a family ski trip, one of the most important things to consider is the safety of your children. That’s where the Wildhorn Spire Snow & Ski Helmet w/Goggles for Kids comes in. This innovative helmet is designed to provide maximum protection and comfort for your little ones while they enjoy their winter adventures.

Why Choose the Wildhorn Spire Helmet?

When it comes to your child’s safety, you want nothing but the best. The Wildhorn Spire Helmet offers a range of features that make it the perfect choice for young skiers and snowboarders:

1. Advanced Protection

The helmet is constructed with a durable ABS shell and an EPS foam liner, providing excellent impact resistance. It meets the highest safety standards, ensuring your child’s head is well-protected in case of a fall or collision.

2. Perfect Fit

The helmet features an adjustable dial fit system, allowing you to customize the fit to your child’s head size. This ensures a snug and secure fit, preventing the helmet from shifting or sliding during activity.

3. Integrated Goggles

No need to worry about separate goggles! The Wildhorn Spire Helmet comes with a built-in, anti-fog, and UV400 protection goggles. Your child will have clear vision and protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

4. Ventilation System

Designed with comfort in mind, the helmet features an adjustable ventilation system. Your child can easily regulate the airflow, preventing overheating and ensuring a comfortable experience on the slopes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the helmet suitable for all head sizes?

A: Yes, the Wildhorn Spire Helmet is adjustable and can fit head sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large.

Q: Are the goggles removable?

A: No, the goggles are integrated into the helmet and cannot be removed. However, they can be flipped up when not in use.

Q: Can the helmet be used for activities other than skiing and snowboarding?

A: While the helmet is primarily designed for skiing and snowboarding, it can also be used for other winter activities such as ice skating and sledding.


When it comes to your child’s safety on the slopes, the Wildhorn Spire Snow & Ski Helmet w/Goggles for Kids is the perfect choice. With its advanced protection, perfect fit, integrated goggles, and ventilation system, this helmet ensures your child can enjoy their winter adventures with peace of mind. Don’t compromise on safety – invest in the Wildhorn Spire Helmet today!