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Pioneer CarPlay Autoradio – Product Description

Pioneer CarPlay Autoradio – Product Description

Pioneer CarPlay Autoradio

Introducing the Pioneer SPH-DA360DABPioneer SPH-DA130DAB – 2-DIN Bluetooth | DAB+ | USB | Apple CarPlay – Autoradio. This car stereo is packed with features that will enhance your driving experience.

Key Features

Apple CarPlay

Connect your iPhone (from iPhone 5 onwards) to the car stereo and enjoy the convenience of Siri voice control. You can access compatible third-party apps on your smartphone and even share your location data. The stereo also allows for connection, control, data transfer, and charging of your iPhone via USB cable.

Digitalradio (DAB)-Empfänger integriert

Experience crystal clear digital radio with the integrated DAB+ receiver. The stereo also features Time Shift, which allows you to store several minutes of DAB program, and Service Following, which seamlessly transitions between DAB and FM radio. It also has a built-in UKW/MW/LW tuner.

Bluetooth Functionality

Stay connected while on the road with the Bluetooth functionality. You can make hands-free calls and connect two phones simultaneously. The stereo comes with an external microphone for clear audio during calls. It also supports phonebook transfer, call history, and audio streaming via A2DP.

Additional Features

  • Kapazitives 6,2“ WVGA-Touchpanel, 800×480 Pixel
  • Farbe der Tastenbeleuchtung einstellbar
  • USB-Schnittstelle hinten, NTFS-kompatibel
  • Analoge A/V-Ein/Ausgänge
  • Rückfahrkamera-Anschluss, automatische Umschaltung
  • Anschluss für zweite Kamera
  • DSP mit 13 Band-Grafikequalizer & Laufzeitkorrektur
  • Automatische Einmessung (Mikrofon separat erhältlich)
  • Regelbare Subwooferweiche, regelbarer Hochpassfilter
  • MOSFET 50: 4x50W max., 4x27W DIN sinus
  • 3 Paar HighVolt-Vorverstärkerausgänge
  • Eingang für Rückfahrkamera, autom. Umschaltung
  • Eingang für kfz-spezifische Lenkradfernbedienung*

*separat erhältliche Adapter/Anschlusskabel erforderlich

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apple CarPlay?

Apple CarPlay is a feature that allows you to connect your iPhone to your car stereo and access certain apps and features using Siri voice control.

Can I connect multiple phones to the stereo?

Yes, you can connect two phones simultaneously via Bluetooth.

Does the stereo support USB playback?

Yes, the stereo has a rear USB interface that is compatible with NTFS.


The Pioneer CarPlay Autoradio is a versatile and feature-packed car stereo that offers Apple CarPlay, DAB+ radio, Bluetooth functionality, and more. Upgrade your driving experience with this innovative product.