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Millennium Soy Wax: The Perfect Blend for Candle-Makers

Millennium Soy Wax: The Perfect Blend for Candle-Makers


Millennium Soy Wax from American Soy Organics is the ultimate choice for candle-makers of all sizes. Whether you are a hobbyist or a manufacturer, this premium all-natural soy wax blend is designed to meet all your needs. With its easy-to-use pastille shaped wax beads, stable color-retention, and smooth-finishing tops, Millennium Soy Wax is the ideal blend for creating beautiful soy candles.

Why Choose Millennium Soy Wax?

Paraffin Free

Our soy wax blend is formulated without any paraffin-based wax, ensuring that you can enjoy your candles without the worry of toxic fumes. By using only natural soy wax and botanicals, we prioritize your health and well-being.

100% Natural

Millennium Soy Wax is made from 100% all-natural soy wax, making it the perfect choice for candle makers who value using only natural ingredients. This smooth wax retains colors exceptionally well, allowing you to create candles that are both visually appealing and environmentally friendly.

Mix Your Own Color and Fragrance

With our proprietary blend, you have the freedom to mix your own color and fragrance combinations. Millennium Soy Wax is designed to retain your desired coloration while accommodating up to 12% fragrance. This versatility allows you to create unique and personalized candles that reflect your individual style.

Quality in Every Batch

At American Soy Organics, we believe that crafting should never compromise on quality. That’s why we ensure that each batch of our soy wax adheres to our high standards. Whether you are hosting a kid’s crafting session or working on a large-scale production, you can trust that our soy wax will consistently deliver exceptional results.

Grown in America

We are proud to support local farmers and communities. Our soybeans are grown in America’s heartland, in a small Iowa town. By using soybeans from our own backyard, we not only contribute to the local economy but also reduce our carbon footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can Millennium Soy Wax be used for other crafts besides candle-making?
  2. While Millennium Soy Wax is primarily designed for candle-making, its versatility allows it to be used in other crafts such as soap-making and wax melts.

  3. Does Millennium Soy Wax have a strong scent?
  4. No, Millennium Soy Wax is unscented. Its purpose is to serve as a base for adding fragrance oils of your choice.

  5. Is Millennium Soy Wax easy to work with?
  6. Absolutely! The pastille shaped wax beads make it easy to measure and melt. The smooth texture of the wax ensures a seamless pouring experience.

  7. Can I use Millennium Soy Wax for container candles?
  8. Yes, Millennium Soy Wax is suitable for container candles. Its stable color-retention and smooth-finishing tops make it perfect for creating professional-looking container candles.

  9. Is Millennium Soy Wax eco-friendly?
  10. Yes, Millennium Soy Wax is eco-friendly. It is made from renewable soybeans and does not release harmful toxins when burned.


Millennium Soy Wax is the ultimate choice for candle-makers who value quality, sustainability, and creativity. With its paraffin-free formula, 100% natural ingredients, and the ability to mix your own color and fragrance, this blend offers endless possibilities. Craft with confidence knowing that Millennium Soy Wax is made with care and grown in America’s heartland. Elevate your candle-making experience with Millennium Soy Wax from American Soy Organics.